Garmin DriveAssist 50 GARMIN

862.01 SAR

Car charger and seat attachment

Loaded with maps of the Middle East and North Africa with free update.

Built-in camera for continuous shooting of events outside the car (dash cam)

Forward collision alert

Lane deviation alert

Auto save video in case of collision

Live broadcast when the site arrives

5 inch screen size (glass)

Show traffic and congestion when connected to Bluetooth

· (TrackBack) feature to return from the same line (jar drawing)

Voice guides you in all languages

Full support for Arabic language menus and settings

Display the speed limit on the main streets

High sensitivity receiver

Lists, maps and directions in Arabic

Help with choosing paths

Show speed on main roads

View the image of the traffic intersection at the intersections of the main roads

· Storing the user's coordinates for up to 1,000 coordinates, keeping tracks up to 3,000 km.

Speed alert on main roads

  • Warranty: two years agent

  • 862.01 SAR

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