Galaxy S21 Ultra Silver 256GB 5G SAMSUNG

1,201.23 USD

   Galaxy S21 Ultra Silver 256GB 5G

Enjoy now a unique experience, not the most powerful high-quality Android mobile with high capabilities that compete with all types of smart phones in the market.

Galaxy S21 Ultra specifications

  • Screen size: 6.8 inches.
  • Internal memory size: 265 GB.
  • Rams: 12 Ram.
  • Front camera: 40 mega pixel.
  • Rear camera: Quad 108 + 10 + 10 + 12 megapixels.
  • Battery power: 5000 mAh.
  • Category: fifth generation.

Features of Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • One of the best phones you can get at a very exclusive price
  • Storage capacity is high to ensure that files stored for a long time are not lost
  • It supports two SIM cards, and works professionally
  • It is light in weight and easy for you to carry and move around without any trouble
  • The quality of the front and back camera is very high to give you a very accurate picture
  • It is distinguished by its silver color, which adds beauty to the tastes of many

  • 1,201.23 USD
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