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electric massager

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The Fascial Gun KH-320 muscle massager uses:

  • To relieve muscle pain
  • And improve blood circulation
  • Reducing joint pain after hard exercise or prolonged physical exercise
  • It is used by professional athletes and people with MS, arthritis and muscular dystrophy

The Fascial Gun KH-320 muscle massager uses a vibration therapy method that combines the specific amplitude, vibration frequency and torque of the massage element.

The effect is achieved by acting on the inner layers of tendons, muscle tissue and fascia that do not cause pain.

It is made in an ergonomic shape and in the form of a hexagon,

Uses comfortably in the hand.

There are 4 nozzles to affect specific muscle groups of the legs, buttocks, back, chest, wrists and ankles.

The optimal duration of the massage is 15 minutes, and it works from the built-in battery.

Massage Heads: The hand held massager comes with 4 massage heads for a different massage experience

With scientific vibration frequency and amplitude, the massager effectively relieves muscle spasms and stimulates blood flow

New upgraded 3-speed modes Choose different gears according to your own preferences and experience muscle relaxation.

The body massager makes your body more relaxed and comfortable Take a deep breath and be prepared to relieve all the aches and pains and relax from head to toe.

Take a deep breath and let the massage gun make your way to VIP Home SPA!

29.97 USD
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