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5 cables in your style and choose the right type for you

  • iPhone (USB) 1 meter long
  • Micro (Samsung) 1 meter long
  • Type C (Huawei) with a length of 1 meter
  • BD (iPhone Type C) is 1.2 meters long

Lion X is the first product 100% made in Saudi Arabia.

The pride of Saudi industry

Stronger performance and great quality

Obtained the American Quality Certificate!

  • Warranty: 2 years for Leon X

Home PD charger head one port 20W Lion X

  • Warranty: 2 years for Leon X

Portable battery 10000 mAh ELECTRONIC

Gloris Mobile Power Bank from the American company Lectronic Capacity of 10000 mAh Supports fast charging 50% within half an hour - Supports smart charging technology to identify the required current - Supports Qualcomm 3 technology - More than one phone charging port - USB ports - Type C ports - Mobile battery Compatible with all smart devices.

• Faster charging for phones that support Qualcomm 3 by 75%.

• Support for PD technology, which allows you to charge your phone to 50% within half an hour.

• Support smart IC technology that automatically recognizes the current to ensure protection against overcharging.

• The battery can be charged with a Micro USB cable or a Type C cable.

• Suitable size for easy carrying and storage.

• Compatibility with devices with 5V input.

• Low voltage protection.

• Total output 18 watts.

• 10000 mAh.

• Model - GL20K01.

• 2 USB ports.

• 1 Type C port.

• Dimensions - 100.6 * 62 * 22 mm.

• Weight - 222 grams.

• The number of times the phone is charged -5 times.

• The number of batteries is 2 tablets.

  • Warranty: two years

strong handbag

Powerful Electronics Regulator For:

  • portable batteries
  • chargers
  • wire
  • phones


  • Two-way zipper for quick access
  • Flexible slide pocket
  • Provide the best flexibility for organizing accessories
  • 1 pill

53.73 USD 92.07 USD
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