Garmin Drive 60 GARMIN

194.88 USD

  • touch screen
  • Screen size is 6 inch
  • Loaded with maps of the Saudi desert (Al-Sayyari)
  • Loaded with maps of the Middle East and North Africa
  • (Foursquare) having a database of famous site
  • ( TrackBack ) Feature to return from the same line (Drawing the jar)
  • Cool design
  • He directs you by voice in Arabic (turn right.....)
  • Full support for the Arabic language, menus and settings
  • Show the speed limits on the main streets
  • High sensitivity receptor
  • Lists, maps and directions in Arabic
  • Help choosing paths
  • Show speed on main roads
  • View the image of the traffic intersection at the intersections of the main roads
  • Storing the user's coordinates up to 1000 coordinates, keeping tracks up to 3000 km.
  • Speed alert on main roads
  • Accessories:
  • 1- device
  • 2- A car base (suction-operated) that can be installed and removed easily
  • 3- car charger
  • 4- Carton and user manual
  • Warranty: two years agent

  • 194.88 USD
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