10000 mAh Zendure mobile battery

43.21 USD

This charger has a power capacity of 10,000 mAh, but it also has PD technology, which is the best technology for charging the iPhone at an unparalleled speed.

The best small portable charger. Charges your phone 2 to 3 times with 20 watts

Credit Card Size: The compact size is 30% smaller than traditional 10000mAh external batteries, suitable for any bag or pocket

Super Speed: 20W of power is delivered via USB Type A and USB Type C. With 20W Power Delivery, the Super mini battery can charge your iPhone X up to 50% faster in 30 minutes

Fast Recharging: The USB Type CBD port enables a 3-hour fast recharging performance on low-end devices.

Power: Compatible with low-power devices, including wearable devices such as smart devices and wireless earbuds

Ports: One USB port and one USB Type port, very durable, shock-resistant, and ultra-fast charging

  • 43.21 USD

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