Osmo Mobile 4 Mobile Tripod Stand


188.73 USD

The new generation of Osmo devices from DJI, which gives you great mobile stability and smooth control:

- Install with your mobile easily and quickly by means of magnets.

- It has a magnetic grip to hold the phone in the Osmo and uses it at the same time to hold the phone better in the hand.

It supports all phones from iPhone to Android.

- The object tracking technology has been improved, becoming faster and more accurate.

- You can switch from shooting width to height with ease.

- The cinematic zoom feature has been added, which gives you zoom while moving backwards, to add an awesome effect.

More features have been added to the DJI app.

The battery lasts 15 hours of continuous use and charges within two and a half hours.

It can be folded to make it easier to move around

  • 188.73 USD

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