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Joy games mobile holder

8.10 USD
VAT Inclusive

Classic shape with comfortable grip. Two holes on the sides to connect the charging cable and the headset. Vertical design allows you to watch and play comfortably. Designed to provide all-screen access. Made of high quality materials to ensure its durability. Black color. Description Joy ZJ09, allows you to control and raise skills in your games. It gives players the ability to control the precise control of the characters within the game, and enables them to easily deal with more complex situations. The design of the stand also features a handle that provides relief from hand fatigue for a long period of time. The ZJ09 aerial design also allows you to adapt to any phone through its ability to adjust to suit the type of phone, in addition to the presence of the side ends to connect the charger or the headset to enjoy more games and watch videos whenever you want.

8.10 USD
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