Home Router 4G Pro 2 Huawei B311 HUAWEI

102.60 USD

  • Work, play and share all day long with Huawei B311, the ultra-fast 4G home router
  • Produce a Wi-Fi hotspot, to connect up to 32 devices including laptop, tablet, game consoles and more
  • The most secure and stable network, which protects your home network from hackers
  • Huawei Router is unlocked for all networks, so use the sim card of your choice
  • Parental Controls and Guest Network - A simplified system to help you manage connected devices, and disconnect any device at the touch of a button
  • 150 mb speed
  • (supports all networks)
  • Warranty: two years

  • 102.60 USD
زائر 1 year ago
هل لابد من وجود خط هاتف ثابت مثل اجهزة البرودباند التي لاتعمل الابوجود هاتف ثابت ام ان هذا الراوتر يعمل بمجرد ايصاله بالكهرباء
alhadaf shop 1 year ago
يعمل عن طريق الكهرباء .. بمدخل شريحة بيانات

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