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Al-Hadaf Store is proud to be a Saudi brand specialized in selling everything new in the world of technology and its accessories. In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, we strive to pro

Powerful 10000 mAh mobile battery

32.40 USD
VAT Inclusive

3 USB Ports Portable Charger helps you charge your smart devices with the power they need.

Equipped with Qualcomm 3.0 and PD Technology - fast charging for all electronic devices

The capacity of Prime 10 is suitable for all smart devices and you can charge the devices at the same time.

  • Two Input Ports (Micro USB, USB Type-C)
  • 3 Output Ports (2 USB, USB Type-C with PD Technology)
  • Powerdelivery 18W technology, smart charging
  • Qualcomm Technology 3.0

Two years warranty from strong

32.40 USD
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