Photo and data saver and file organizer for iPhone

40.23 USD

Automatically back up your precious memories and contents (photos, videos, contacts, calendar, etc.) every time you charge your phone. Just plug it in and you're done!

Compatible with both iOS and Android, PhotoCube Pro allows you to backup and share photos and files between different devices. Take care of all your valuable data easily.

Free up space quickly - USB-A 3.1 quickly transfers data to and from your devices. Moreover, PhotoCube Pro adopts differential backup strategy, which can find accurate backup progress to prevent duplication during backup and speed up the process..

The free PhotoFast One app allows you to easily manage your files. The files will be clearly sorted by device and date, and the app offers a simple or advanced mode to suit your needs. Even users who have little knowledge of smartphones can enjoy a tech friendly user interface.

Cloud services can cost a lot every month, and their specificity is still unknown. Use PhotoCube Pro to save your files safely! Keep your data with you instead of on a third party server. Offline storage and file lock function provide peace of mind for your backup journey. And thanks to the swappable memory design, you can expand the storage space without restrictions (microSD card supports up to 2TB).

  • 40.23 USD

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