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Icom 5100 ID is authorized by the Communications Authority

852.93 USD
VAT Inclusive

The intuitive touch screen interface provides fast and smooth operation.

The large 5.5-inch screen (320 x 128 pixels) responds naturally to touch, allowing you to easily change settings, enter frequencies, and edit memory channels.

ID-5100E can receive FM / FM and FM / DV mode signals at the same time. Two DV mode signals can be monitored for reception on either channel. You can check other repeaters or other channel activities while waiting for the master repeater.

The ID-5100E has a GPS receiver built into the console and shows the position, route, speed and altitude on the display. GPS location information can be used to exchange location reports, track GPS history and find nearby repeater locations.

Authorized and approved by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (National ID is required to obtain the license)

  • Warranty: two years agent
852.93 USD
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