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Icom 2730 two screens authorized by the Communications Authority

593.73 USD
VAT Inclusive

Authorized and approved by the Communications and Information Technology Commission (National ID is required to obtain the license)

Broadcast type: Dual band

Send from 138MHz to 174MHz

Transmitting from 375 MHz to 550 MHz and receiving on the same frequencies

Number of channels in which the device keeps memory: 212 channels

One of the beautiful features of the device is the cross-band feature, the automatic repeater of the signal

The range of power to be supplied to the device is 13.8 volts

The value of the ampere withdrawal from the battery or the converter at 13.8 volts can be selected according to the user's need

Hi 50 watts on Mid 35 watts Low Mid 15 watts Low 5 watts

Modulation System: Variable Frequency Impedance Equalizer

Microphone Connector (Reed) 600 Ohm

(van) A multi-speed internal fan in the device to beat the heat of the device

Display Features: An adjustable device for viewing the screen according to the user's comfort

The device can be installed in a hidden place in the car to preserve it, and through a long cable between the device and the screen, you can only

Take screen and feather Screen light color: green-orange

  • Warranty: two years agent
593.73 USD
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