Xiaomi Smart My Box 4K Xiaomi

75.33 USD

- Converting the TV screen into an Android screen, which eliminates the need to buy a smart screen

- Possibility to connect via Wi-Fi with the home network

- Control the device by means of a remote included inside the box

- Enjoy all the programs of movies and series, such as Netflix, Watch, Stars Play, and many other programs that you can download from the Google Play Store inside the system

- The possibility of broadcasting mobile content to the screen through the broadcast icon that appears inside the mobile and the possibility of broadcasting full screen with Android mobile devices

Supports 4K video playback

- you can browse the Internet on Google through


Memory: 8 GB

Accessories: HD cable + remote control + power cord for the device

* Device without subscription *

  • Warranty: two years agent

  • 75.33 USD

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